The Time We Have


Live Right Now - Episode 034 – The Time We Have


Hello Beautiful Souls!  This is Producer Allan.  Chef Wendell isn’t with me today.  In fact, you may have noticed that we haven’t put out a new show for a little while now.  (and this one won’t be very long)  I’m really sorry about that but I’m even more sorry for the reason it had to be.  If you follow Chef Wendell on Facebook you might have an idea what’s been going on.  And that is the reason I feel compelled to do this today.  Even though it is mostly just Wendell and myself that you hear on this show there has been someone behind the scenes that was as big a part of this as either of us.  Wendell’s wife, his “Angel Eyes”…Sandy.  You may recall that last year we did a couple shows with Sandy and her battle with cancer.  Well, yesterday Sandy lost her battle.  But I’m not here for a pity party.  I want to celebrate the Light and Joy and Love that IS Sandra Fowler.  Her energy.  Her high frequency energy that made everyone feel welcomed and loved is still with us.  I know it is surrounding and flowing through Wendell to lift him up right now.  But even more, I want to remind YOU how important it is that you remember to appreciate the precious few moments we have.  In The Bible it says “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself.  Each day has enough trouble of its own.” (Matthew 6:34)   You have to take the time to be aware of the good things we all have in every minute.  Don’t live in the past with the “what if’s”.  If you stay there, all the possibility of right NOW will just become another “might have been.” And the future…how much do we live in fear of what awaits us there and forget that we only have NOW?  Especially now.  Don’t get me wrong, there are very real things (like corona virus) to be concerned about but remember that fear gives small things big shadows.  Wendell and Sandy knew that.  When I visited with them the far too few times since all this started for them the thought was never on low frequency things like cancer.  We would always end up talking about so many different things that would raise our energy and when the minutes blinked to hours I would always leave better than when I arrived.  If you’ve spent even five minutes with them you know exactly what I mean.  Earlier this week Wendell posed the question on Facebook: What do you affirm after – I am?  There were a lot of great answers: Love, light, gratitude, divine, empowered, blessed, laughter, sacred, strong, content.  I think all of those apply to Wendell and Sandy in any moment.  In this moment, which are you?  Or maybe you are like me.  For me, in this moment, I believe that “I am” is all the affirmation I need.  It means I am here now.  I am enough.  I am loved.  I am love.  I am strong.  There is nothing needed beyond just “being.”  That’s what it is like to be around Sandy (and inseparably Wendell).  And I say “IS” because, like all of us, her energy is part of the bigger (the biggest!) energy… call it God, the Universe, the Divine... that is part of everything and made everything.  I didn’t realize it but March 20th was the Spring Equinox.  A time of new beginnings.  It was a time of new beginnings for Sandy’s Spirit and certainly a time of new beginning for Wendell too.  Wendell, I know this beginning will be hard for you without your Angel Eyes.  Remember that I and more people than you know love you and are with you sending you prayers and positive energy.  Remember to take things one step at a time.  Be mindful of the many blessings you have in every moment.  Embrace the love around you.  There is no other time. So remember to Live Right Now.


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