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Live Right Now - Episode 018 – Angel Diet

I stood in the pulpit recdntlhy at Unity Church of Indy to share my message of food’s relationship with our ability to connect and hear the soft whispers of God and our omnipresent guardian angels. Because society has not been taught this truth from the pulpit nor the classroom, we remain sadly uninformed of how much authority we have over our ability to connect to our highest self and stay in the flow of all that is.

I’ve been exploring this topic for a while and wanted to accentuate how a diet of toxin-free, non-GMO plant-based foods provide the nutrition to fuel your temple’s electrical currents. Since angel communication happens through an exchange of electromagnetic energy at a high vibrational level, you can perceive more of what angels are trying to tell you… if you raise your vibe with whole, fresh, unprocessed plant-food, a loving heart and live on the bright-side of now.

Food is infinitely more than what’s on your plate. Pesticide-free and non-GMO, plant foods contain the energy of father sun, rain, wind, water and mother earth’s warm soil. Consuming and digesting these fresh foods, your cells recognize and then intelligently distribute that food’s energy throughout your temple, raising your frequency.

Each time you eat, you absorb that food’s energy into your temple. Eating high vibration foods and beverages, as this column has been preaching, purifies and balances your temple so it works harmoniously with mind and soulular energy as God intended. Most of today’s DOA mainstream foods have been so heavily processed, they’ve lost their heavenly energy mojo and therefore have a low, health-destroying vibe. Remember: everything vibrates, nothing rests. The higher the vibe, the better for holistic health.

Raising your temple vibrational frequency is the only effective way to fully connect and hear the angelic whispers of the divine. While radiating a low vibe, you may never achieve complete celestial connectivity. To connect with your team of angels, you must first disconnect from factory foods and reconnect with God’s apothecary.

If you seek help from your angels, and they’re always surrounding you, simply make quiet time, pray, meditate and petition them directly to help transform your diet and make your temple cleaner and more receptive to divine messages. That’s a pretty righteous reason to choose what you eat wisely. For myself, I feel a deeper divine connection with my inner self and have more control of what I attract into my life.


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